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Sales Department

There are more than 30 experienced merchandisers, group into several individual teams according to separate accounts, responsible for communicate with foreign clients from designing, order processing, to shipping-related matters. The number of merchandiser is flexible according to the actual needs of business.

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Design Department


More than 10 experienced designers summerize the fashion trend and concept on a quarterly basis through physically attending worldwide fashion shows and gather information from all possible sources, working with merchandisers to fully understand what clients need for their markets and then present suitable collections.

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Sketchers assist designers to visualize the styles, size, function, color specification of each bag by computer graphics.



Assisting designers to confirm materials, structures, accessories 

and specific details and then make sample specification forms for sample room to make samples.


Pattern Room

Over 40 skilled pattern makers and stitchers with state of the art machine layout ready to take sample request and complete until perfection

Pattern Room.jpg 


Pricing team, fully aware of the most up to date raw material prices 

and the labor cost of each procedure, provide accurate price information for order placing reference.


Sourcing Department

Working closely with designers, a team of sourcing staffs with expertise on each field sourcing the latest and the most complete raw material, hardware, printing patterns in Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

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QC Department

There are 20 qualified quality control staffs stationed in major factories, keep daily communication with merchandisers to monitor the manufacturing progress and quality of production. Each QC staff is equipped with magnifier, thickness gauge, vernier caliper to inspect from material cutting, stitching, packing, to container loading. There is also a laboratory in the office with color assessment cabinet and pulling test machine to provide accurate data to ensure the quality of products.

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There are over 50 factories cooperating with Chenson, spread around in China at Dongguan, Shenzhen, Quanzhou, Quindao, Hangzhou, and Shanghai according to product categories. It is imperative that sourcing for factories with excellent sense of production and competitive prices as it is the fundamental of ensuring quality and price.